La Bâtie-Rouelbeau

The Bâtie-Rouelbeau site presents the remains of a medieval castle located in the Geneva countryside dating from the 14th and 15th centuries. Archaeologists have proposed a programme of intervention to protect the ruins and study the origins of the castle.
A vast programme of mediation leads to the reading of this testimony of medieval architecture. The project combines a project of renaturation of the site and the realization of virtual simulations based on the current remains (photogrammetric surveys). The entire programme is based on a set of digital mediation devices produced by on-situ.

Installed on site, eight didactic panels punctuate the visitor's route. They describe the various aspects of the site, be they historical, archaeological or natural. The contents presented are supported by virtual reconstructions of the different architectural phases of the building.

A vast bronze model, based on a precise survey of the archaeological excavations, shows the excavation site before it was covered.

Using virtual simulations, a short film presents all the construction phases of the Redbeau Building in a realistic rendering.

Also developed by on-situ, an online exploration application provides several scenarios depending on the selected consultation mode. The interactive application can be consulted in-situ (smartphone - tablet) or remotely (Internet): It offers the possibility of superimposing the various hypotheses of the construction phases on the current environment of the site.

La Bâtie-Rouelbeau
Switzerland, Canton of Geneva

Cantonal Archaeological Service

Mission : Digital design and production

Directed by Jean-Michel Sanchez
Partnership: Bureau Charles Pictet architectes