Mémorial de Dun-les-Places

In June 44, German soldiers invaded Dun-les-Places. For three days the village is looted, burnt down and 27 men are shot and massacred under the porch of the church. The memorial questions the memory of the locals and transmits their remembrance by confronting testimonies and historical facts.
The route is organised in three areas dedicated to the dramatic days of June 44 and to the physical and moral reconstruction of the village. In charge of the museography, on-situ designs and produces the audiovisual and multimedia devices built from testimonies and archive documentation.

Mémorial de Dun-les-Places
France, Dun-Les-Places
Community of Municipalities of the Great Lakes of the Morvan

Mission : Digital design and production

Directed by Jean-Michel Sanchez
Architecture: Agence Correia
Sound design : Bruno Bernard