Artothèque de Mons

At the same time reserve, research and study centre, the Artothèque gathers the collections of the city of Mons. It combines physical collections with the digital restitution of works exhibited on other sites and presents the museums' "hidden" treasures and crafts, the other side of the scene. This virtual reserve is the result of the digitization of works of art and responds to scientific purposes but also to a desire to broaden public access to the works.
on-situ designs and produces interactive and immersive multimedia creations for the Artothèque de Mons. The programme is based on the FLORA database, which documents all the collections in Mons. This database is declined in digital installations.

Artothèque de Mons
Belgium, Mons

Mission : Digital production

Architecture, scenography: L'Escaut-Gigogne