In 2015, Switzerland commemorates the 200th anniversary of Geneva's entry into the Confederation. This bicentenary also marks the drawing of a border that defines the south-western limits of present-day Switzerland.

The exhibition "Dépasser les bornes" evokes this border. The GE 200 system, designed and produced by on-situ, is organised around a vast floor plan (27 m2) whose edges extend over the walls. This plan is that of the canton of Geneva, delimited by boundary markers. This exhibition in augmented reality illustrates in different ways the border of the territory of Geneva and its communes, dwells on it in order to understand its origin, its legal and political implications.

The installation offers visitors different readings of today's territory through different prisms. Equipped with a tablet, visitors move around on the map on the ground and superimpose on the real vision another reality made of animated maps. They then choose points of view and a theme from among the nine listed. These themes deal with the question of real-time traffic in the city, population movements, the evolution of the territory through historical maps or new visions such as light and noise pollution.

Switzerland, Geneva, Pont de la Machine/Quartier Libre SIG

Mission : Digital design and production

Scenography: Raphaèle Gygi
Partnership: Republic and Canton of Geneva, Department of the Interior and Mobility, Cadastral Surveying Service, Information and Communication Service