Aga Khan Museum

Designed by architect Fumihiko Maki, the Aga Khan Museum in Toronto is the first North American museum dedicated to Islamic art and culture. This museum, which is international in scope, showcases the richness of Islamic art: an artistic, intellectual, scientific and religious heritage.
As part of the Adrien Gardère Studio's museography team, on-situ is in charge of the design and production of a complex multimedia program. The latter accompanies the observation of the works, orienting and sharpening the visitor's gaze. The digital creations reveal the richness of the collections through details and meticulous observation.

Aga Khan Museum
Canada, Toronto
Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Mission : Project management, design and digital production

Architecture: Fumihiko Maki
Museography, scenography : Studio Adrien Gardère
Graphic design : CL design
Lighting design: LCD