Revelation leads us to the discovery of the masterpiece of the sculptor Gislebertus: the great portal of the cathedral of Saint-Lazare in Autun. A vast three-dimensional stone image from the 12th century, its tympanum represents the theme of the Last Judgement.

The 3D film is a monograph that decodes the iconographic program and invites contemplation. It provides a few clues for understanding it: its genesis, its context, its fortune, its composition, its meaning. Once an open-air book, the keys to reading it are nowadays missing for the majority of people. Revelation leads the spectator into contact with the figures by moving the point of view to eye level.

In charge of the artistic and technical direction of the project, on-situ creates a virtual replica of the portal (by photogrammetry). The realization of the film exploits all the possibilities of this digital model.

France, Autun, Rolin Museum

Mission : Audiovisual production

Directed by Jean-Michel Sanchez
Text: Jean-Michel Sanchez, Anne Pasquet
Sound design : Bruno Bernard
Partnership: Acute 3D