Centre d'interprétation de la bataille de Valmy

On 20 September 1792, the battle of Valmy sealed the victory of the French revolutionary army over the Austro-Prussian army. The Centre d'Interpretation Historique de la bataille de Valmy retraces the history and the stakes of this decisive battle.
on-situ designs and produces the entire multimedia programme, leading to an understanding of the stakes and protagonists of the conflict.

An animated relief model depicts the facts, the military strategy and the phases of the battle. Old maps follow one another, on the precise topography of the places, on which the different camps and the massive movements of the troops are placed. Simultaneously, above the model, the protagonists and the pictorial evocation of the event follow one another.
Supporting the historical sequences structuring the visit, portraits and animated pictures take place and give life to History in the form of short audiovisuals.

Portraits of the main protagonists are addressed to the visitors. Other famous animated pictures illustrate major contemporary historical events.

The Battle of Valmy
France, Sainte-Ménehould, Centre d'interprétation Historique de la bataille de Valmy

Mission : Digital production

Scientific Council : Jean-Christophe Sauvage
Architecture, scenography : Agence Faloci
Sound design : Bruno Bernard