Moulay, the oppidum found

The location of the Gallic capital Diablinte, a people of the Aulerques settled in the east of the Armorican Massif, remains uncertain for a long time. In 2004, a vast excavation campaign was launched. The great discoveries were highlighted during the exhibition The first cities of the west, initiated by the archaeological museum of Jublains, relating to the Gallic cities of western Gaul.

Integrated into the exhibition, an animated model retraces the history of the rediscovery of the oppidum. This installation, designed and created by on-situ, is based on a double projection on a model and a front screen. On the topography, the spatial organization of the oppidum is structured and outlined.

In an "off-screen" approach, the frontal screen offers a complementary iconography consisting of reconstructions of buildings but also images from archaeological excavations (objects, plans, surveys). The different districts are highlighted, illustrated by buildings rendered in 3D computer-generated images. Watercolours produced for the exhibition complete the discourse.

Moulay, the oppidum found
France, Jublains, Archaeological Museum
Mayenne Departmental Council

Mission : Digital design and production

Directed by Julien Roger
Scientific Council: Elven Le Goff, Agathe Legros
Scenography: S & J Jupin
Text: Erika Lamy
Sound design : Bruno Bernard
Partnership: Inrap