Every two years, the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington organizes an international festival dedicated to one of the world's cultures. This festival combines artistic performances, live shows and exhibitions.

In 2015, the Kennedy Center in Washington dedicates to Spain and Portugal the festival Iberique Suite: Global Arts Remix. on-situ conceives and realizes for this occasion a scenographic digital creation: Maps. This video installation illustrates, through maps, the influence of Spain and Portugal in their exchanges with the "New World". The maps follow one another, in a chronological reading like a "leaflet". They are superimposed, folded, erased and developed again in an animation projected on a folded support evoking, thanks to the projection, a large open map.

They express a look, a vision of the world before and after 1500, from the discovery of a new world to the representation of a completed world. These maps visually illustrate these journeys that set in motion a vast transfer of people, plants and animals of the world that resulted in a global ethnic, cultural and ecological "remix".

USA, Washington, Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts

Mission : Digital design and production

Museography, scenography : Studio Adrien Gardère
Partnership: The Georgetown University Center for Contemporary Arab Studies