Touching on the issue of identity, the Anonymous research project focuses on the face as an interface. Experimented at the Nicéphore Niépce Museum, this research project took different forms.

A first variation was proposed to Les Subsistances de Lyon during the festival "Ça tchatche", which brought together a series of shows and performances on the theme of orality and languages. The installation will be updated in a brand new environment during the Lausanne Transat Festival, a festival of digital creation.

on-situ proposes a massively collective electronic creation that renews the popular "photo booth" process. The creation is deployed in the urban space on the facades of the buildings. The walker-actor expresses with his face a series of moods (joy, surprise, doubt, etc.) and feeds the database with a non-verbal language. The exquisite corpse of the portraits unfolds like the animated dictionary of a universal discourse.

France, Lyon
Switzerland, Lausanne

Mission : Original idea, design and digital production