Shadow accident(s)

Antiquity has cast a shadow over the origin of art and science. Accident(s) of the shadow plays on these two dimensions, closely mixing "technoscience" and art.

The installation is organized around an imposing volume whose only surface exposed to light is a sky blue. The visitor stands in front of the beam. The background instantly becomes fluorescent green. The shadow projected on the background appears, circumscribed by a blue line of ink and leaves, randomly, a whitish imprint of the silhouette. When the visitor steps out of the beam, the screen turns blue again. A plastic, translucent mass floats like a cloud... It gathers all the movements made during the time of capture. Like a magical screen, everyone can draw with their body in real time and obtain, in immediate delay, a sculpture (3D view) of the dance performed in front of the monolith.

Shadow accident(s)
France | Switzerland
2001 – 2011

Mission : Digital design and production

Original idea: Dominique T. Pasqualini, Julien Roger, Jean-Michel Sanchez