Maior Ecclesia

A monumental building founded in 910, the Abbey of Cluny was sold as a national asset in 1798. Its large church, the Maior Ecclesia, was largely dismantled. Of this splendour of the Christian West, only a few buildings remain today, mixed with later structures.

The digital mediation programme devised by on-situ for the Centre des monuments nationaux restores the footprint of the great Cluny III abbey church to its present space. This ambitious project is based on the constitution of a digital model that integrates the existing architectural and lapidary elements, digitized and placed in the virtual model. The model is broken down into mediation objects using simulation technologies. Computer-generated image films and augmented reality terminals punctuate the tour route like so many glimpses into history. The images are realistic and immersed in the scene. The visitor perceives the large church, feels its volume and luminosity. The Maior Ecclesia emerges along the way, in an immediate confrontation between past and present.

Maior Ecclesia
France, Cluny, National Monuments Centre
2010 - 2012

Mission : Original idea, design and digital production
Partnership : Arts et Métiers ParisTech - Cluny centre