Maior Ecclesia, Antichambre du ciel

Maior Ecclesia the antechamber of heaven offers a renewed representation of the abbey church Cluny III. The film explores the walk of the angels. It immerses the viewer in this extraordinary architecture, reveals the play of light and the link between architecture and liturgy. The realism of the images and the diffusion in relief accentuate the effect of presence in the building. The Maior Ecclesia becomes tangible, sensitive.

Maior Ecclesia, antechamber of the sky
France, Cluny, National Monuments Centre

Mission : Original idea, audiovisual production

Director: Jean-Michel Sanchez, Julien Roger
Scientific Council: Anne Baud, Christian Sapin
Text: Nicolas Reveyron
Sound design : Bruno Bernard
Partnership : Arts et Métiers ParisTech - Cluny centre