Maior Ecclesia, the Great Portal

The Maior Ecclesia project proposes a renewed representation of the Cluny III church. The church, which was largely destroyed, gives rise to a series of audio-visual and digital creations that restore the scale of this extraordinary edifice. The films highlight the close relationship between architecture and Cluniac liturgy, recreating the natural light of the building. Maior Ecclesia, the Great Portal focuses on the church's portal. The diffusion, stereoscopic and large-format, accentuates the feeling of presence in the building. on-situ ensures the artistic direction, the realization of the virtual models and the complete realization of the film.

Maior Ecclesia, The Great Portal
France, Paris, National Museum of the Middle Ages
France, Cluny, Archaeological Museum

Mission : Original idea, audiovisual production

Directed by Jean-Michel Sanchez, Christian Père
Text: Damien Berné
Sound design : Bruno Bernard
Partnership: Arts et Métiers ParisTech - Cluny centre