Digitization of the Saint-Omer relief map

In 1758, the fortified town of Saint-Omer is reproduced in relief plan, in a model of great precision. The plan represents the city in the 18th century in its smallest details (topology, hydrography, aspects of the buildings, vegetation ...). It consists of 35 tables, for an assembled surface of 60 m². Preserved in Musée des Plans-Reliefs des Invalides de Paris, its size and fragility make it difficult to exhibit.

The town of Saint-Omer wished to make this rare object, an image of the area in the middle of the 18th century, accessible to the general public. The relief plan is digitized by on-situ and restored in a virtual navigation, in three dimensions and with a rare precision. The public thus discovers the relief plan. Navigation in the digital model allows the visitor to observe, linger and get as close as possible to the plan.

The digitization is based on a precise protocol of shooting, in photomodeling, developed by on-situ. The interactive map is available on the website: http://www.patrimoines-saint-omer.fr/Le-territoire/Le-plan-relief-en-3D.

Digitization of the Saint-Omer relief map
France, Saint-Omer

Mission : Digital design and production

Photographer: Raphaël Dallaporta
Partnership: Musée des Plans Reliefs