The exhibition retraces the history of the Morvan, the evolution of its landscapes and those who shaped them. The last room gives a glimpse, with emotion and sensitivity, of the life of the locals.
Morvan Regional Natural Park commissioned on-situ to design and carry out the layout of this last space, built around a multimedia installation.

Panoramas is an original digital creation, imagined and directed by on-situ, which proposes a poetic and aesthetic approach, without nostalgia, of the men and landscapes of the Morvan. A large screen, semi-circular, surrounds the visitor. It shows current panoramas of the Morvan on which archival images are positioned, in an idea of renewal. Intimate photographs collected from the inhabitants. Moments of life captured in the same place, at another time. A sound creation, composed of sounds captured on site, completes the immersion. Visitors travel from place to place, from panorama to panorama, by selecting their destination on the tactile table. The images follow one another slowly, like so many paintings of the Morvan.

France, Saint Brisson, House of Men and Landscapes
Morvan Regional Natural Park

Mission : Digital design and production

Photographer : Raphaël Dallaporta