Musée franco-américain

The Franco-American Museum of Blérancourt tells the story of Franco-American friendship around three founding themes: the ideals that underpinned the Franco-American relationship; the trials and wars that welded this friendship together; and the artistic affinities, cultural and artistic exchanges and respective fascination between French and American artists.
on-situ produced all of the audiovisual creations for the new tour itinerary during the complete redesign of the museum. The films, constructed from archive images, punctuate the visit itinerary. Echoing the objects on display, they illustrate the collections and place them in a historical or artistic context.

Franco-American Museum
France, Blérancourt, Château

Mission : Digital production

Architecture : Ateliers Lion
Scenography : Studio Adrien Gardère
Scientific Council: Mathilde Schneider, Carole Gragez
Graphic design: CL-Design
Lighting: LCD