Centre d'interprétation du camp de la transportation

Following the failures of settlement in eastern Guyana, the Transportation Camp was built on the French riverbank of the Maroni River in 1857. Saint-Laurent-du-Maroni then became the capital of the prison. 16,000 hectares were officially made available. Aspiring settlers, condemned to forced labour, released from prison under house arrest, staff and population all found themselves on a territory entirely turned towards the camp.

Opened in 2015, the Transportation Camp's Architecture and Heritage Interpretation Centre traces the history of the Maroni and its prison.The permanent exhibition occupies the former convict detention buildings. It provides keys to reading about transportation, its challenges and the history of the site from its creation to the closing of the prison. The museography is based on previously unpublished iconographic collections.
on-situ has produced three scenographic audiovisual creations for the interpretation centre.

Transportation Camp
French Guiana, St. Lawrence of the Maroni

Mission : Digital production
Curator: Marie Bourdeau, Michel Pierre
Scenography : Atelier Florence LE GALL
Creation of the videomapping: Jeff Charles
Equipment : Videlio - IEC