Nîmes through the centuries

Conception and direction of a video mapping on the history and urban evolution of the city of Nîmes.

This multimedia device is composed of a film projected by video mapping on a relief model of the territory. Old maps, aerial views, engravings and other images of the city have made it possible to create this large relief model (350 x 200 x 20 cm) accompanied by a commentary available in three languages (French, English, Spanish). In ten minutes, the spectator discovers the history and urban evolution of Nîmes, from the birth of the city in the Gallic period to the present day.

The video model delivers, in a short time, a panoptic vision of the territory. A reading both chronological and geographical that contextualizes the urban space. The idea is not to analyse the causes of urban mutations but to explore its metamorphoses by stripping successive strata and to understand the imprint left by each historical period through its emblematic sites.

Nîmes through the centuries
France, Nîmes, Centre d'Interprétation de l'Architecture et du Patrimoine

Missions :
Original idea, artistic and technical design of the installation, production of a 3D digital model, production (retouching of digital images, computer graphics, animation, editing) and post-production, sound production, development of a mediation application, installation and development on site.

Direction :
Jean-Michel Sanchez - Julien Roger - Erika Lamy - Thomas Sirot - Sebastien Bellenous
Sound design : Bruno Bernard

Project Management :
Jean-Pascal Marron, Multimedia Project Manager, Nîmes Métropole