The digital gallery of Saint-Andoche

In 2019, the Saint-Andoche Basilica in Saulieu celebrated its 900th anniversary and its classification as a "European Cluniac site". For this occasion, on-situ created the digital gallery, a place of digital interpretation whose central object is the decorative program of the capitals.

The digital gallery of Saint-Andoche invites you to discover this exceptional heritage in a new light. A sensory experience that exploits virtual restitution techniques to reveal the unsuspected details of the work of sculptors in the Middle Ages.

The space is organised into 3 thematic areas: The world of Saint-Andoche, the different construction phases of the basilica and the exploration of the capitals in 3D.

The tour begins with a large projection of the film "The world of Saint-Andoche": its interior world, its stories and its imaginary world evoked by the iconography of the basilica and its capitals. Further on, a mediation space unfolds, presenting the different constructive phases of the church in a chronological reading and by restoring them in their historical context. The visit ends with the interactive exploration of 22 capitals digitized in 3D. On a panel providing general information on the works, two interactive screens are integrated. The marquees can be observed in detail in a posture that is impossible in real conditions. The visitor navigates freely in the explorer, choosing the tent that attracts him. He selects it, observes it, manipulates it virtually, discovering all the facets of the work.

The space is multilingual. Audio and printed texts are translated into 3 languages.

Digital gallery of Saint-Andoche
France, Saulieu

Design, curating & audiovisual production : on-situ
Scenography: Vasken Yeghiayan
Graphic design: Seikyung Louise Son
Texts & Notices: Danièle Cordin, Catherine Gras, Anne Pasquet, Françoise Sablot,
Jean-Michel Sanchez

Directed by Jean-Michel Sanchez
Text: Anne Pasquet
Sound design : Bruno Bernard
Voice: Claudio Todeschini

Technical Direction and 3D Photogrammetry : Julien Roger
Photogrammetry assistant: Thierry Motot
Modeling: Guillaume Nachtman
Computer programming: Hugo Martin, Sébastien Bellenous